Software for Physicians – ChartMaker Go by STI

AMD Medical uses ChartMaker Go software to assist Physicians and medical offices with their billing. If your medical office or facility is in search of a secure mobile-optimized Scheduling and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) management software then they may also have a good option for you. Since we use the billing portion of ChartMaker Go the integration is easily integrated with the other options and features.

STI promotes this software as “A comprehensive, integrated, and affordable cloud-based medical billing and scheduling system for physicians that includes the ability to capture charges and view schedules including hospital rounds on your mobile device.”

A few benefits include…

Advantages for Physicians:
ChartMaker Go includes a mobile interface for physician smartphones and other mobile devices like iPads that allows physicians to access patient information when they are out of the office, see their appointments schedule, view hospital round information, look up CPT and ICD10 codes, and enter charges at the bedside that automatically transfer to the billing system. ChartMaker Go can pay for itself by reducing lost hospital and nursing home charges and speeding your patient billing.

Appointment Scheduling and Viewing:
You have the ability to schedule appointments separately for all your providers and practices, for years in advance! The system gives the office staff tremendous flexibility in specifying not only when, but also how appointments are scheduled. Once built into the system, even untrained operators can schedule appointments effectively and accurately. If you need to check your office schedule, click on the schedule icon on your ChartMaker Go main screen and you can quickly see your schedule.

Eligibility Checking:
ChartMaker Go can quickly verify patient eligibility directly from our Appointment System or on a per-patient basis. Sending and receiving electronic insurance referrals also is available. Other functions included are computerized patient recall reminders for procedures like flu shots, tests, medications, x-rays, or physical exams.

Patient Reminders:
ChartMaker Go has an optional module to automate your appointment and recall reminders. The Automatic Patient Reminder Module will automatically dial and remind your patients about their up-coming appointments and recalls on a cost-per-call basis.

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