Why should we choose AMD Medical Billing and Credentialing Services, Inc. Instead of another billing company?
We have many years of experience and training in the Medical Billing and Practice Management area and will ensure that your practice is more profitable than ever before. The contacts that we have developed over the years have proven to be invaluable in “getting the job done”.
What are your fees?
Our fees are determined by the size of your practice and the number of services you choose to contract. Our normal fees are based on a percentage of collections, so we don’t get paid, unless you get paid.
Credentialing fees are charged on a¬†“per”¬†application fee for each insurance carrier, for each provider. We monitor the process of the application through the final stages.
Can you only contract with practices in your area?
No, with today’s technology any practice in the country can enjoy the services of our company. If using your own EMR program, we can work from electronic superbills through EMR integration.
I’m still not sure about outsourcing. What are the benefits?
We feel that one of the most important benefits about outsourcing your billing is the valuable time that is given back to your staff to concentrate on patient care.
There is no medical/dental insurance or vacation/sick time to pay
You will no longer have to pay clearinghouse fees or purchase CMS1500 Forms, patient statements, envelopes or postage. The list goes on!
Will we be able to access our account information?
Yes. One of the services we offer is the ability for you to view your account information from any computer that has internet access.

Contact AMD Medical Billing and Credentialing Services today by phone at 1-877-782-1373 or by email at Info@AMDMedicalBilling.com

We act as an extension of your practice!